Ayurveda Yoga Massages

What is Ayurveda Yoga Massage

Ayurveda yoga massage is an unique form of yoga based body-work developed in India. This technique has two major components:  the remedial benefits of certain yoga stretches and the healing elements  of traditional Ayurvedic massage. This beautiful massage combines elements of Ayurvedic massage, assisted yoga stretches and deep, coordinated breath work.

Ayurveda yoga massage is a special form of deep tissue massage.

It is performed on a mattress on the floor, with oil and calamus  powder. This herbal powder comes for the calamus plant(sweet flag) and  is known for stimulating blood circulation and detoxifying properties.  The calamus powder is mixed to the massage oil before applying it to the  skin. This brings out the toxins from the body and warms up the tissues  quicker.

Ayurveda yoga massage is adjusted to suit the client’s needs and  it’s benefits works on many levels: physical, emotional, mental and  energetic. So everyone experiences it differently. 

What to expect during a massage

In practical terms, treatments include working with the  whole body, with emphasis on the areas that need more work. The  therapist starts with an oil massage with their hands and feet,  gradually warming up and softening muscle tissues, fascia and organs,  facilitating breathing and improving circulation. 

We work with the breath, so that the nervous system can let go, and  this process can be effective as well as pleasant and effortless. We  use natural oils and a powder from the ground root of Acorus calamus,  a wetland plant in the sweet flag family. The use of calamus creates a  pleasant exfoliating feeling, but mainly it helps improve blood  circulation and warm up the tissues quicker, intensifying the benefits  of the massage, such as detoxing and inducing a feeling of wellbeing.

The oil massage is complemented with gentle mobilizations,  tractions and assisted (passive) yoga stretches, which help lengthen the  tissues and can help bring a deep sense of relaxation and renewed  energy. Through these gentle movements we also help relax tendons and  ligaments, and renew the synovial fluid in joints.

By working with both oil massage and movement, we usually work  close to the client’s limits on the day, depending on what the body and  mind are ready to receive. We combine working close to the limits with  using the breathing to help activate the parasympathetic nervous system  and release tension. Massaging, moving or stretching tense muscles can  cause pain, resistance or agitation. 

Mindful touch and deep, relaxed breathing, can help activate the  parasympathetic nervous system, which not only helps release, but it  helps retrain the nervous system to release quicker when agitating  circumstances occur in our lives. This brings a lasting feeling of being  centered, where we are less likely to feel agitated or restless, and  experience increased clarity of thought. 



Benifits of Ayurveda Yoga Massage

  • Assisted yoga stretches (correcting postural imbalances)
  • Incorporation of breathing techniques
  • Stimulation with the feet (deeper pressure with long strokes or compression)
  • Use of Calamus root powder (facilitating detoxification, stimulating and exfoliating
  • Short resting period after the massage resulting in a feeling of deep relaxation.